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Lasting Power of Attorney

Do you have a LPA in place? If not why not?  It is a quick and simple process and you can start the ball rolling today. 

Why you need a LPA. If you lose mental capacity and are no longer able to make decisions for yourself regarding your financial affairs or your health and welfare you need to appoint someone to act for you. This needs to be done formally and registered with the courts.  Who would you prefer to act on your behalf, someone you had never met, appointed by the court of protection, or someone you knew well and trusted? 

It’s an obvious decision. Act today. Make sure your affairs are dealt with in accordance with your wishes and not someone elses! 

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The reality of not having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place

It is often easier to assume an outcome rather than to actually find out.  For example, You could be forgiven for assuming that your husband/ wife/partner would automatically be granted authority to act for you in the event of you losing mental capacity.  This is not the case.  Without a formal LPA in place, the Court of Protection will step in and they will appoint someone to act. Your wishes and those of family and friends could be ignored! The fact that you have nominated someone as ‘next of kin’ is irrelevant.

Please click the link for further information on the Court of Protection. 

Reasons You Could Lose Mental Capacity

Most people think losing mental capacity only happens when you grow old.  I’m sorry to be the barer of bad news but it could happen to you at any age. There are a number of events which could take away your ability to manage for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be permanent either.  How would you cope if you couldn’t pay your bills for say nine months as a direct result of:-

  • A brain injury caused by a car accident or falling off a ladder or even a sports injury.
  • A Stroke – 10% of all stroke victims are under 45
  • Alcohol or drug misuse
  • Side-effects of medical treatment or medication
  • Dementia